Salary Check-off loans

Jijenge Credit Ltd offers unsecured loans to employees where the employer has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and agreed to make loan repayment deductions directly from the employee salary (Check-Off).

This is a convenient option for applicants as repayment is deducted directly from employees' salary, reducing chances of missing payments to attract penalties. Our salary check-off loans are generally of lower interest rates.


Apply for this loan with us and take advantage of the following features and benefits.

  • These loans typically do not require any security
  • Usually processed very quickly
  • Repayment terms are more flexible than our other loan types

To apply for this loan, the following details and documents are required.

  • 3 months latest payslips (certified)
  • Your original ID and 2 copies of the same
  • Job ID if available
  • 2 copies of your KRA pin certificate
  • 2 colored passport size photos of you
  • 6 months certified salary bank statement
  • 6 months certified M-pesa statement

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Jijenge Credit Ltd, is a non-deposit taking financial institution, founded with the purposeful intent to meet an overwhelming market need of providing working capital solutions to Individuals and SMEs.

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