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Jijenge Credit Limited adds value to import business by offering a full range of products and services to support all your import trade activities. We provide up to 100% financing of your Import Duty facilitating faster settlement of such duty charges and any other Port Charges. Our flexible facility ensures that you do not pay penalties, demurrage charges, or have your cargo stuck at the port.

Features of Import Duty Finance from Jijenge Credit Limited:

This facility offers a faster way of settlement of duty charges to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and other port charges to avoid penalties.

The facility is available to importers of approved goods e.g. Motor vehicles, equipment, secondhand clothes, etc.

Duration: Maximum .12 Months

Security: 100% in form of any collateral acceptable to the MFI or on the goods being cleared

*-Financing can be up to 100% of the Customs Duty and other port charges.

Benefits of Import Duty Finance from Jijenge Credit Limited:

Quick turnaround time in the processing of requests

Affordable and competitive rates

Flexible security terms

High-level professionalism and expertise in handling the needs of all categories of importers


Copies of import documentation for the goods (Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, IDF, etc.)

Quotation for Import Duty and clearing charges from a Jijenge Credit Limited approved clearing agent

ID original and copy

KRA PIN Certificate


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