Title Deed/Rental income Loans

Apply for a loan against your paid up property, specifically a title deed or rental income with Jijenge Credit Ltd. Whether bridging a shortfall, releasing equity while awaiting a payment or taking advantage of a time-sensitive financial opportunity, we provide an accessible, flexible and fast solution.

This is an excellent loan product for clients wanting to take advantage of a further property acquisition or other use of cash whilst their current property dormant or is on the market for sale. Clients wanting to use Jijenge Credit Ltd to fund a shortfall on a cash purchase whilst arranging alternate funding can also utilize this product.


Below are some of the advantages you enjoy when applying for this loan with us.

  • We make Quick Estimates – Our in-house appraisers provide you with quick and accurate estimates on your property value so we can make you a loan offer without delay.
  • Fast Funding – Loans proceeds can be deposited to your account as soon as all agreements have been signe.
  • Optimal Value – We focus on valuation, making sure we properly understand all the intricacies of your property that may give it particular value. This enables us to maximize the amount we can lend you.

To apply for this loan, the following details and documents are required.

  • Original & 2 copies of your title deed.
  • Original & 2 copies of your National ID card.
  • 2 copies of your KRA pin certificate
  • 2 colored passport size photos of you.
  • Your 6 month bank & M-pesa statements
  • Loan tenure is up to 24 months

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Jijenge Credit Ltd, is a non-deposit taking financial institution, founded with the purposeful intent to meet an overwhelming market need of providing working capital solutions to Individuals and SMEs.

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